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Data Compass outperforms the market by achieving concurrent criterion validation for its Programming IQ assessment.

In psychometrics, concurrent criterion validation refers to a comparison between the measure in question and an outcome assessed at the same time. Data Compass completed its concurrent criterion validation study in March 2019.

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We Measure Developer's Coding Skill, Industry Experience, and Problem Solving Ability.

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The Hallmark Assessment: Programming IQ


When developer assessment scores are compared to each other on a distribution curve, a massive separation in an ability to solve problems becomes apparent.

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Regardless if you are hiring an entry-level or experienced developer, merely looking at their resume is not enough.

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“In high growth mode, we have no shortage of applicants. The challenge has been in quickly screening candidates with reasonable accuracy such that we can focus sufficient time on the strongest applicants to get them through our funnel before they are courted by other companies. Data Compass assessments have enabled us to get to the right answer, fast, which has made an immeasurable impact.”

Joe Z, Leading Estate Tech Firm


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